◊ Garden Trivia: Why did the man climb the tree dressed as a window?

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Skunks: Friend or Foe? Or Both?

With Japanese beetle season winding down, it signals the start of grub season. As they grow, the larva of the beetle can be quite destructive to lawns. Since they feed on the roots of grass, quite often the damage isn’t noticed until dead patches appear. Prefer not to use chemicals? What else is there to do? Fear not! The skunk is eager to help!

Skunks dine on worms, insects, plants, and well… just about anything. However, one of their favorites – almost like a steak dinner – is grubs. So when they smell them, they quickly find and eat them. Unfortunately they are not the neatest of eaters. Being night creatures, their damage is not noticed until the next morning. In their pursuit of a great meal, they have dug numerous small holes in our lawns. They got the grubs before they destroyed the lawn and now a new problem is there. 

What to do? Thank them for a job well done and repair the damage; or try to discourage this foraging before it occurs?

To repair the damage, a product like Scotts All-in-One Patchmaster is a fast and easy repair. To discourage – the use of an organic repellent like Bonide’s Repels-All has proven to be effective. Also a castor oil based product like Bonide’s MoleMax may work. The castor oil coats the grubs and makes them distasteful. 

Whatever you decide to do, don’t get on the wrong side of them. The results and experience will be unforgettable!  They aren’t mean critters and are more afraid of you and just want to enjoy a good meal in peace.

Trivia Answer: He wanted to be a “pane” in the ash!