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The Gronomics Company was started when the owner decided to build an elevated garden planter for his wheelchair bound grandfather. Over the next few years the line grew to include raised beds, elevated garden beds, and a variety of innovated gardening products and gardening accessories. The products are made of 100% Western Red Cedar and are mostly tool-free assembly.

Elho brand pottery and gardening products, the greenest company in the market, is trying to make its ecological footprint smaller every year. One of the means by which they decrease their ecological footprint is by building a wind turbine to produce their own energy. Their trucks run on bio-gas and personnel vehicles on electricity, they recycle anything and everything that can be recycled, using increasingly more recycled materials (already at 45%).


People today are becoming increasingly aware of the link between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. How we grow our food and how it’s processed are 2 key factors when we consider the nutritional value of what we eat. Imagine the satisfaction you will have when you can harvest your very own vegetables and herbs when you thought there was no way possible.

Herbein’s is bringing that possibility to you! We are offering a variety of gardening supplies to help make growing that garden a little easier. From the raised garden beds and elevated planters to the organic and non-organic potting mixes, and organic and non-organic vegetables and herbs, we have everything you need to get started.