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Adult Spotted Lanternfly laying egg mass

photo credit: Christine Kuhns
Spotted Lanternfly laying eggs- Photo Credit: Christine Kuhns

Spotted Lanternfly being eaten by Praying Mantis

photo credit: Lisa Allen
Spotted Lanternfly eaten by praying mantis


Please take the time to read what the Penn State Extension Office has provided us.

Take notice and keep your eyes open, take a stroll around your property, and also while you are on walks and hikes.

Spotted Lanternfly Management for Homeowners

Updated March 18, 2019
Scraping egg masses Spotted lanternfly Herbeins Garden Center

Spotted Lanternfly Information

by Penn State Extension

and PA Dept. of Agriculture

Tips on Planting Trees and Shrubs

Making Your Thumb Greener One Step at A time!

Working in the nursery here at Herbein’s, I am often times asked the questions: “How should I plant this tree?” or “How wide should I dig the hole?” Many customers also ask: “I’ve heard I should dig the hole twice as wide/large as the root ball; is this true?” Also, many customers ask about removing the burlap and metal cage on the root ball; this too shall be addressed. To avoid getting into all the scientific mumbo-jumbo that can go into discussing the answer to all these questions (which I may leave for another day) I will give the most simple and concise answers that I can.

Herbein’s Gallery

What better way to see what happens at Herbein’s than to view our gallery of photos from the Garden Center! We have much more to offer than most people realize; workshops, parties, events, triple ground mulch, a great selection of shrubs & trees, annuals & perennials, AMAZING pottery and fountains! And a VERY knowledgeable staff to help make those decisions a little easier for you! Stop by or give us a call today!

—- To Garden Is To Open Your Heart To The Sky —