Healthy Soil is the Secret to a Great Garden

Want to grow bigger tomatoes, taller sunflowers and all-around healthier plants this season?

The secret is in the soil.

All great gardens start from the ground up! Every single shrub, flower and veggie you plant relies on your soil for nutrients.

That’s why early spring is the best time to get digging in your soil, and test it. If you take the time now to amend your soil it will make for healthier, bigger and better crops later!

What exactly does a soil test tell you?

Most importantly, a soil test reports pH levels, which measures acid and alkaline levels. If your soil has too much of either, plants won’t absorb the nutrients they need.

With a soil test, the guess work is gone. You’ll know just what your soil needs. So, you’ll add the right amount of lime or sulfur, and you’ll select the best plant food, too.

How do I test my soil?

To solve your soil mystery, grab a stainless steel trowel and get diggin’! Dig 6-8” deep if sampling garden soil, or 4” if testing your lawn’s soil.

Now, you can either DIY it with an easy to use, at-home soil test that you can find at Herbein’s, or send your sample to the Penn State Extension Office, which you can also get from Herbein’s Garden Center.

Then, fix your soil’s acidity and alkalinity in a way that’s good for the planet and your home. Go organic! All of Espoma’s soil amendments are 100% natural, safe to use around pets and children, and contain no fillers whatsoever.

Both of these organic solutions fix your pH levels in a snap and have long-term effects. The perfect combo!

If your soil is too acidic, add Espoma Organic Garden Lime. It’s much safer than hydrated lime. If your soil is too alkaline or lacking acid, add Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier.

*Espoma Organic

Dr. Earth

Planting Mix 1.5 cu ft.     $19.99


Potting Soil 1 cu ft     $13.99

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Fox Farm

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Miracle Gro

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Potting Mix 2 cu ft     $19.99

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Play     $7.49

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Peat Moss

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Twin Oaks/Frey Bros.

Topsoil      $3.99

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