Seeding gives you the opportunity to introduce new and improved varieties of grass to your existing lawn.

Fertilizing provides the necessary nutrients for your lawn to perform at its best.

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A Tip from DAN…

       I’d like to invite all of our customers to visit our new and improved Lawn Center at Herbein’s. From fresh paint to new customer friendly displays and many new products. All of these changes are to enhance your experience and more importantly results. 

With the warm weather of late spring, the urge for people & pets to be out in the lawn increases. Also increasing are insect pests like ants, flies and mosquitos. Now you can repel them naturally (no chemicals) and safely when used as directed. We now carry Natural Guard Lawn Shield Insect Repellent, containing cedar oil, the pleasant scented granules will repel the unwanted pests while being safe for beneficial bees, butterflies and ladybugs. It can be used in vegetable gardens and flower beds.

A 10lb. bag covers 2,000 sq. ft. and is $15.99

 I look forward to seeing you and discussing these and all of our products in more detail to determine what is right for you.

Herbein’s Lawn Center is here with the products and advice to help you in your lawn care throughout the whole season.  Here is a brief month-by-month overview:


There’s not a whole lot to do as your cool season grass goes semi-dormant when the temperatures go above 86°. You don’t want to fertilize at this time as the dormant grass will not absorb and use it. Weed and/or crabgrass control is “iffy” and can actually do more harm to your lawn than good. This is the time of year when diseases start to occur. Most are weather and cultural practice related and there is no remedy once they occur. Fungicides are expensive and only control…not cure. Consider the way you take care of your lawn and the type of grass you plant. Sod can be used as a “quick fix” as long as it is kept watered.


Summer is the most stressful season of the year on your lawn, making it more susceptible to weeds and other problems. Watering during periods of drought helps to maintain its strength. You can also get a jump on those early spring weeds this month. Most people don’t realize that weeds like chickweed and henbit grow long before your grass, starting their life in the fall. You can greatly reduce next spring’s weeds by applying a good preemergent at this time. Whether it’s HALTS, Prodiamine or Organic Concern Corn Gluten, Herbein’s Lawn Center has the answer. 

The end of this month and the beginning of September is ideal to plant grass seed in this part of Pennsylvania. Consider Kentucky Bluegrass for sunny areas. It takes longer to germinate (up to 28 days) but once it gets established it’s probably the best sunny grass for this area. It is heat, cold, wear and drought tolerant. Being rhizomatous, it fills in bare spots faster and better than bunch-type grass like Perennial Rye. It does require a lot more nitrogen/year than other grasses (4lbs./1,000 sq. ft.) and a bit higher PH of around 6.5.


Late summer and early fall marks the return of the cool season grasses. The cooler temperatures and usually more rainfall bring them out of their semi-dormancy, and they green up and begin to grow again. Fall is also when they begin to prepare for winter by producing food and storing it in its roots. The combination of the two puts great strain on your turf and it needs some assistance in the form of fertilizer. In fact, for just that reason Penn State and most all states’ extension services say this is an important time to fertilize and if you only do it once a year, fall is the time to do it.

This month there are several things you can do in your lawn.

 1.)   Overseeding – You can start by aerating followed by overseeding and a fertilizer application. This will not only enhance its appearance but also help to choke out future weeds.

2.)   If you are NOT overseeding, then you can apply a weed and feed like Scotts Turfbuilder Weed & Feed or Lebanon Proscape w/ Dimension to attack bothersome weeds like clover, dandelion and ground ivy.

If you haven’t had a Penn State soil test done recently, now is a good time to have it done.


“Spend your money to grow things, not kill them.” -Dan

One last reminder…the key to a weed free lawn is not about the amount of weed killer you apply, but about how thick your lawn is. The weed seeds need sun to germinate, so by fertilizing and over-seeding, you’ll have a much more cost effective weed free lawn.


Tri-Rye (Perennial Rye Blend)

Showcase (Kentucky Blue & Perennial Rye Blend)

Tri-Fescue Blend

Full Sun-Top Notch (Kentucky Blue & Tall Fescue Blend)

Sun to Shade Park (Turf Grass Blend) NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE CONSUMER!

Dense Shade (Creeping Red Fescue Blend)

All American (Tall Fescue & Perennial Rye Blend)


Annual Ryegrass


Kentucky Blue




Espoma Organic 4 Part Program (Rebate Avail.)

Scotts 4 Step Program (Rebate Avail.)


Concern Corn Gluten (Organic Preemergent)

Lebanon Proscape w/Dimension 18-0-5 (Preemergent & Fertilizer)

Scotts Halts (Preventative)

Lebanon Pro w/Prodiamine 0-0-7 (Preemergent)

Scotts TurfBuilder w/Halts (Preemergent & Fertilizer)

Scotts Step One w/Halts (Preemergent & Fertilizer)

Scotts Step One For Seeding (Preemergent & Starter Fertilizer)

Bayer Grub Killer Plus

Bonide Insect & Grub (Preventative)

St. Gabriel Milky Spore (Organic, Preventative)


Espoma (Organic)

Greenview Starter Fertilizer 10-18-10

Lebanon Greenskeeper 20-0-8

Lebanon Proscape w/Trimec 20-0-7 (Weed & Feed)

Milorganite (Natural)

Scotts PatchMaster (All-In-One Grass Seed Fertilizer & Mulch)

Scotts TurfBuilder w/Halts (Preemergent & Fertilizer)


Lebanon Treflan 5G Preemergance

Lebanon Weed Control w/Trimec (Postemergence)


Scotts Super TurfBuilder Lawn Food


Scotts Lawn Fungus Control


Scotts Moss Control


Greenview Seed Accelerator

Penn Mulch w/Fertilizer

Scotts PatchMaster

Scotts Seed Starter & Weed Preventer

Scotts Step 1 Seeding 18-23-4

Scotts Step 1 Seeding 21-22-4




Lebanon Weed Control w/Trimec

Scotts TurfBuilder Weed & Feed


japanese-beetle damage Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus PA
Milorganite Fertilizer Herbeins Garden Center
Weed Preventers Preen Lebanon Treflan BonideMaize Herbeins

White Clover Seed Available!

Clover Seed White Bee Crop Erosion Control Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus PA
White Clover Seed Bee Crop Erosion Control Lawn Pasture Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus PA

White clover seed is a great cover crop, bee crop and erosion control crop. White clover grows vigorously even in poor clay subsoil around new home construction. If you want all the benefits of a cover crop but don’t want to till early or mow, clover is your best bet. Getting a good stand of white clover seeds is a first and critical step to success with this high quality, persistent crop. Since white clover is usually grown with a cool season perennial grass (may be planted alone too), it is usually either seeded at the same time as the grass or seeded into an existing grass stand.

White clover seed can be planted immediately!
2lb. bag   $19.99 (will seed up to 7k sq.ft.)
*Use  7-14 lbs. per acre*



White Clover

Winter Wheat

Winter Rye