Christmas Trivia:

◊ What is Santa’s favorite Broadway musical?

Answer is below.


Anybody who has visited Herbein’s Garden Center during the holiday season has seen it converted into a Christmas Wonderland and has seen our vast selection of holiday ribbon. It covers such a large area that we call it the “Wall-O-Ribbon.” On it is all the holiday ribbon that is available for your wreaths, swags, blankets, decorating, or to just purchase for your personal use. 

I will confidently say that a person will be hard pressed to find a larger and more diverse selection any where in the Lehigh Valley. The number of different styles, colors, sizes, etc. has at times been more than 500 choices. So whether it’s plain, patterned, a holiday scene, with or without wire, it is sure to be on the “Wall.” While, of course, the old favorites (red, burgundy, velvets, etc.) are there, the newest varieties are added each year and as always, Herbein’s experienced bow makers are here to customize your orders. 

One note of caution I will add…there are so many different colors, styles, scenes from which to choose, one may have a hard time deciding. Before you know it, the season has come and gone. But seriously, in the coming weeks, stop by Herbein’s Garden Center and witness for yourself the “Wall-O-Ribbon.” It is truly awe inspiring.

Trivia Answer: Fiddler on the Roof