The North Pole Saga – Our Village Grows

There’s a lot of talk about all the preparations in Santa’s workshops as the BIG DAY gets closer. But there’s not much mention of anything other than work at the North Pole. That is, until now.

A new elf housing development was constructed by a developer who obviously did not know his intended clientele. Initially called “Polar Heights”, it found only a few takers. Once the mistakes were realized, a total rebranding took place and the units rapidly began to sell. Renamed “Holiday Estates” with streets given relevant names to further enhance the appeal. Some names include ‘Reindeer Run,’ ‘Toy Drive,’ ‘Milky Way,’ ‘Dusty Road,’ ‘5th Avenue,’ and of course ‘Santa Claus Lane’. Which, by the way, is the most popular location to live with very few homes remaining. The thoroughfare around the complex was renamed ‘The Arctic Circle,’ although behind Santa’s back the elves called it ‘Loosen-Your-Beltway’. With low ceilings and small rooms to work, it’s proving to be an ideal location for the elf families.

Speaking of housing, Santa and Mrs. Claus are having major renovations done to their home. One of the earliest residences in the North Pole, improvements were long overdue. With more pressing things on his mind, Santa, in a move he may regret later, let Mrs. Claus in charge of all the work. First she had the doorways widened and the floors reinforced ( a subtle response to Santa’s “Growing Status”).  Then…tired of all the years of reds and greens, she completely changed the color scheme to more calming blues and beiges. I guess the colors work, although it did take a while for Santa to calm down. A new larger fireplace was added but a sunroom was vetoed because Santa said it would only be useful less than half a year.

The village also got a new rec center this year that is available to all the inhabitants of the region. The recreational director is Jerome Gnome and the head trainer is Walter Walrus, a tough “Do as I say, not as I do” individual. The many new features include a large open space for the reindeer to play their games, a music room for the elves’ chorus practice, a kitchen for the Eskimos to make their famous pies, weight and workout rooms, and a large full scale chimney for Santa to practice going down and up. Jerry and Wally try to make sure there is something for everyone and that they are always around.

Don’t worry. All this activity still takes a backseat to the real work – spreading joy and cheer all over the world. Watch for more updates as things move full steam ahead.