Herbein’s Is Back!

Twas the night before opening
and all through the store
everything was thought ready
but could they do more?

It was a long time in coming
real hard to endure
they hoped for it sooner
now tomorrow for sure

They had to keep going
against this Covid 19
but it’s hard to fight
an opponent unseen

But this Herbein’s team
was up for the fight
to keep the store running
all day until night

They took online orders
to keep business flowing
but the faster they worked
the pile just kept growing

And the phone never seemed
to ever stop ringing
it made them all long
for some Armstrong singing

The pace was so fast
with no time to think
and then some rude customer
would raise a big stink

Where is my order?
In a loud voice he’d speak
It’s two inches down
try calling next week

This remarkable team
was great at their task
especially when you consider
they were wearing a mask

So now things are yellow
we’re in the next phase
they can now greet real people
in the coming days

I want all to know
who these fine people are
every one of them
deserves a gold star

There’s Gidge, Emily, Cheryl & Denise
Andrea, Kelly, Missy & Dawnette
Jake, Tony, Steve, Dan & Sam
and others that we can not forget

So thank you for doing
all that you could
you deserve an ovation
you really did good!

Dan Sivco, Herbein’s Garden Center’s Lawn Specialist

Thank you all for your kindness, patience and understanding during the craziest season we have ever seen! We hope it continues to keep getting better for all.