November 18, 2020

Written by Dan Sivco, your Herbein’s Elf

2020 is going to be a different year for Santa and his team on their annual run…

WITH all of the precautions necessary, it is turning into a logistical nightmare. But it is not insurmountable – remember that foggy Christmas Eve a few years back? Fortunately they are getting an early start planning this years trip. With the pandemic still in high gear around the world, extra care will be needed to insure everyone’s well being. Santa will be wearing a face mask at all times and using disposable mitts over his mittens. The reindeer will all wear protective booties and masks as well. Rudolph isn’t happy as the mask will conceal his trademark feature. He is already lobbying to wear a face shield instead. But first the problem of fogging up must be overcome. The trip will have to leave the North Pole earlier than usual as Santa may have to be sanitized after every stop. Santa may also have to add an extra reindeer to his team to handle the extra weight of the tank of sanitizer. This poor team of reindeer is going to have it rough this year. But Santa says not to worry. He guarantees to get to every house as usual.

SANTA wants to remind the kids that he will only eat packaged cookies and cartons of milk this year to be safe. As for cookies, Santa’s favorite is Keebler’s Fudge Stripes. He prefers them over Oreos (all but Double Stuffed!) He does not like plain shortbread cookies as we all know that he is a well-known chocoholic. P.S. – the reindeer like oatmeal. Since chimneys are being built narrower, Santa requests low fat milk (chocolate is okay too, but definitely not skim – BLAH!)

THE pandemic will also have an influence on the toys this year. Toys like TWISTER will not be in huge demand, and good luck with mistletoe! Covid-19 has led to a new twist on an old party game favorite, the NEW name is “Pin the Mask on the Donkey.” The idea is the same but the target end as changed. (Wink) The most popular video game is sure to be “SUPER SPREADER.” The players try to see how much contact tracing they can do before the virus spreads out of control.

MOST dolls will now come with masks and the newest doll to arrive on the scene just in time for Christmas is “Maxine the Vaccine Nurse.” Then there is “Pandemopoly” where houses are replaced with hospitals, the railroads are now big pharma companies, and instead of going to jail you must go into quarantine. ( I personally think Dan should market this idea)

EVEN traditional toys have changed. “Social Distancing Barbie” is expected to be in high demand, and the Quija Board is stumped when asked when the pandemic will end.

REST assured that despite all that’s going on, the North Pole is  jumping with activity and all will be ready on time. Nothing sill stop Santa and his reindeer.

AS the big day gets closer, we will continue to give updates.

Stay tuned!