It’s been a long year even by North Pole standards and everyone is getting restless. Things are finally beginning to gear back up for the BIG DAY. However, there is still too much down time. This being the case; Rudy having Santa’s “North Pole Trivia” game and convinced that he could do better, challenged Santa to a friendly contest. Who knew more about the other? The loser must pay! Santa agreed with a twinkle. If Rudolph lost, he would have to get a nose job, and if Santa lost, he would have to take Mrs. Claus somewhere other than the Christmas Tree Islands on vacation. (She always wanted to go to Mount Rushmore to see someone with a bigger head then Santa’s)

Here are the rules: 10 questions – The person with the most correct wins. Easy enough! Rudy wins the toss and gets to start.

#1) Rudy: “I’ll start easy. What is my favorite coffee?”

Santa’s response: “That’s simple. STARBUCKS”

#1) Santa: “Okay, I’ll start easy as well. What is my favorite baked good?”

Rudy’s response: “BEAR CLAWS, of course”

#2) Rudy: “What bottled water do I drink?”

Santa’s response: “DEER PARK Naturally”

#2) Santa: “My favorite Christmas song?”

Rudy’s response: “Tricky, but… ‘SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN’ ”

#3) Rudy: “Okay, I got you…What’s mine?”

Santa’s response: “Not so fast…’HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS’ ”

Santa: “Well, how about my 60’s tune?”

Rudy’s response: ” ‘UP ON THE ROOF’ what else?”

#4) Rudy: “Mine is probably too easy for you.”

Santa’s response: “You’re right! ‘LEADER OF THE PACK’ ”

Santa: “I know I have you now. What is my favorite California town?”

Rudy’s response: “Hahaha…Not so fast! HOLLYWOOD!”

Santa: “Darn!”

#5) Rudy: “What is my worst nightmare?”

Santa’s response: “DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS”

Santa: “Hmmmm? What padlocks do I use?” (snickering…he’ll never get that one!)

Rudy’s response: “SLAYMAKER” Bam! Take that Santa!

#6) Rudy: “What is my favorite saying, Santa?”

Santa’s response: “I’ve heard you secretly saying this many a times Rudy, so I got this one. BUCK THE TREND”

Santa: “Rudy, do you know my ALL time T.V. comedian?”

Rudy’s response: “I sure do Santa, There are a few good choices but it would be RED SKELTON.”

#7) Rudy: “What is the term I use for money?”

Santa’s response: “DOUGH”

Santa: “Okay, now mine?”

Rudy’s response: “COLD CASH, Santa…VERY cold cash.”

#8) Rudy: “What is my favorite Mid-west community?”

Santa’s response: “Well now, this I may have to think about for a minute…(tick tock) I can’t imagine it would be Imalone, Wisconsin…so I will answer with DEARBORN, MICHIGAN”

Santa: “Rudy, What is my most admired occupation? This might come as a surprise to you.”

Rudy’s response: “Santa dear, if you can make your way down any size chimney…it HAS to be a CHIMNEY SWEEP!”

Santa: “Well gosh almighty, Rudy!”

#9) Rudy: “Back to music, Santa. I just looove muuuusic! What is my favorite line from a Beatles tune?”

Santa’s response: “This may sound opposite of our nighttime treks but I believe it might be ‘I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN.’ You DO have a bright nose after all Rudy.”

Santa: “How about Mrs. Claus’s favorite Beetle line? This is way beyond being easy!”

Rudy’s response: “I know how I feel, so I HOPE it’s ‘PLEASE DON’T WEAR RED TONIGHT.’ ”

Last one…it’s still not settled yet.

#10) Rudy: “Here goes…What vacuum did I buy?”

Santa’s response: “WAY too easy! It’s HOOVER!”

Santa: “I got you Rudy! Boxers or briefs?”

Rudy’s response: “Boxers of course. Remember we used an old pair as a windsock on the North Pole!”

The friendly contest ended in a tie and for now they agreed they would stay the same. Only Mrs. Claus was unhappy.