Asao Clematis Herbeins Garden Center


4-5″ deep rosy-pink flower with white center bar on each petal. Very free flowering in spring with attractive seed heads. An outstanding Clematis from Japan.


This stunner produces masses of large light blue flowers with contrasting red anthers. It’s amazing how many flowers it puts out in one blooming! Can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Grows to a height of 6′ and blooms June through September.
Bijou Clematis Herbeins Garden Center


An Evison/Poulsen cultivar raised in Guernsey by Ramond Evison in 2005. Small pointed ruffled petals in pale violet/mauve with slight pinkish bar. Pink tipped anthers open to a lovely rosette shape. Very free flowering and flowers keep shape well. Blooms May-July. Nice low mounding clematis (1 foot).
Blue Angel Clematis Herbeins Garden Center

Blue Angel

Raised by brother Stefan Franczak in Poland. The pale lavender blue flowers have delicate crinkly edges and recurve slightly. Anthers are creamy yellow. Very free flowering and holds well as a cut flower. Blooms June-August.
Candy Stripe Clematis Herbeins Garden Center

Candy Stripe

This two toned lavender and pink striped clematis is a pretty addition to your garden. It grows to a height of 10′ and blooms May-June and August. Suitable for a part shade area.

Elsa Spath

Rich lavender, overlapping to give somewhat of a double appearance. Red anthers. Very free flowering.
Filigree Clematis Herbeins Garden Center


An Evison/Poulsen cultivar raised in Guernsey by Ramond Evison. Silvery blue colored petals, ruffled edges single and doubles with red/brown anthers. Exceptionally free flowering. Blooms May-July. Nice low mounding clematis (2 feet).


This beauty has unusual star-shaped dusky purple-pink flowers and contrasting red-purple anthers. It looks tremendous grown with purple foliaged shrubs. Can be grown in partial shade or full sun. Grows to 4-5′ and blooms May through September.

Hagley Hybrid

Medium-size rich pink flowers with ruffly edges and reddish anthers. Vigorous grower with 5-6″ flowers blooming June and September.


Very large pure white flowers with brown anthers. Blooms June and September. Beautiful!


Medium size (4-5″) white flowers with yellow anthers. Very vigorous grower. Our best repeat white blooming Clematis.

Hyde Hall

This compact Clematis is ideal for containers. Its 5-7″ flowers are off-white with sometimes green or pink tinges. It blooms on the previous season’s stems from May to June.


The most profuse blooming dark purple Clematis. June, July and September blooming.


This variety has flowers with 6-8 base petals which are almost bronze, tinged with green and a darker bar. Inner petals are lilac with pink bar. As the flower ages the base petals fall away giving a pom-pom effect. Blooms June-August.

Mrs. N. Thompson

Deep blue with a bright scarlet bar. Strikingly colorful and will always command attention wherever grown. Blooms May, June and September.

Multi Blue

Very double dark blue to purple 4-5″ flowers. Blooms late spring/early summer and again late summer on to fall, but always double flowers. One of the best double flowering Clematis!

Nelly Moser

Pale pink with red bar down the middle of each petal. Will grow in the semi-shade. Bloom June and September.


Very free flowering clematis with stunning dark red flowers and dark red anthers. Flowers are 5″ in size. Grows to 3-5′. Blooms June-August & September.


Very vigorous grower with clusters of small very fragrant white flowers. Blooms August-September. A real winner!
Pink Champagne Clematis Herbeins Garden Center

Pink Champagne

5″ deep rosy-pink, very free flowering, compact plant. Also known as Kakio, from Japan. Blooms May, June, August, and September. It is a real eye-catcher.


An Evison/Poulsen cultivar with very large flowers that are stunningly bright red (almost scarlet) with creamy yellow anthers. It is exceptionally free-flowering. Blooms May-June and August.

Samaritan Jo

Very unique sharply pointed petals are silvery pink and edged in purple. The anthers are purple at the base with cream colored tips. Named in recognition of the great volunteer work that Samaritans offer to people in distress. All volunteers are known as Samaritan Jo. Grows to a height go 4-5′ and blooms June through September.

Sapphire Indigo

This unique clematis has long lasting dark purple blooms that fade to deep blue with dark purple to black anthers. It is continuous bloomer June-September. it can be trained as a climber, grown as a shrubby ground cover with no support, or container-grown to a height of 4′. It can be grown in partial shade.

Sweet Summer Love

Finally a clematis like Sweet Autumn but only better! Sweet Summer Love gives a sweet fragrance and ease of growth. It has striking star like, multi-colored blooms of cranberry & violet that bloom earlier and longer than the traditional white Sweet Autumn.
'Texensis Duchess of Albany Clematis Herbeins Garden Center

Texensis, Dutchess of Albany

Pink bell-shaped flowers with a cherry red bar. Blooms July-October.
The Countess of Wessex Clematis Herbeins Garden Center

The Countess of Wessex

A marvelous clematis with white and blush flowers. Free flowering compact clematis ideal for growing in a container. Grows well in a partial shady area such as a north facing location. Blooms May-June and August-September.
Viticella Venosa Violacea Clematis Herbeins Garden Center

Viticella, Venosa Violacea

4-5″ flowers of white background with purple veins throughout, turning all purple on the edges. Does well in the sun and semi-shade. Blooms July, August and September.

Will Goodwin

True blue with large overlapping petals and gold anthers. June through September blooming.

Other Vines

Honeysuckle – Halls White (not shown) & Dropmore Scarlet

Evergreen foliage and white, scented flowers that turn yellow as they age. Fast growing! Grows to 20 feet and blooms June through September.

A perennial vine that is extremely hardy in zones 4-9. This fast growing vine can cover a 10-12 foot wall. The tubular scarlet-orange blooms give off color from late June through September.
Silver Lace Vine Herbeins Garden Center

Silver Lace Vine

Extremely fast-growing vine with profuse fragrant white flowers. Blooms in late summer and fall. Great fence and wall cover. Grows 20 feet and more.

Thunbergia Orange & Rose (not shown)

An annual vine also known as Black Eyed Susan. It is a vigorous growing vine that can grow 6-8′ in a single season. Thunbergia are great for baskets, large containers and trellises. The bright colored flowers bloom all summer.

photos courtesy of Donahue’s Clematis Specialists