Finally the time has come
It really is a great day
For our customers are coming back
There’s no need to stay away.

Our season began back in March
The start of a good year
Word then came to shut our doors
And now you find us here.

We did our best to keep this going
To keep our business hardy
And came through better than most
So we don’t want a pity party.

What we did was set a course
To keep some income flowing
Because we knew when this day came
That we would still be going.

So now we’re here, we’re all back
But I want to tell you this
While we are happy to see each other
It is the customers who we miss.

Most of them felt the same
And many told us so
When they could finally get out
They said this was the place to go.

There are new rules to follow
In one door and out another
But not really a lot to learn
For a mother and a daughter.

We ask that you keep your distance
Please stay on your spot
It’s to keep all safe and healthy
So is it really asking a lot?

Of course there is always one
Who comes in on a whim
He realizes there are rules
But they don’t apply to him.

There are exceptions to every rule
As he was out to show
It’s not worth causing trouble
So we just let him go.

Business has been great so far
But I would be a liar
If I didn’t say that by tonight
I think I should retire.

So then I will have time to rest
I know that I’ll be fine
Because as we all know, a day without Herbein’s
Is a day without sunshine.

*written by our friendly Lawn Care Specialist, Dan Sivco

*from left to right: Andrea Laubach, Denise Luckey, Cheryl Wigfield