Bee habitats are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and are disappearing at an alarming rate due in large part to development and pervasive use of harmful chemical sprays in landscaping and agriculture.
You can make your garden a bee-haven:
    • Provide a steady supply of nectar sources. Select plants with diverse heights, bloom colors, and flowering times.
    • Avoid pesticides and herbicides. Even “natural” products can be harmful to bees and pollinators.
    • Create a safe habitat for native pollinators- leave areas undisturbed, include water sources, and add landscape features for nesting sites.
*FUN FACT- Dandelions are among the first flowers to bloom in spring and are one of the first ‘meals’ available to the bees. Embrace these vital, lovely, and edible plants. The bees depend on them so put down that sprayer!!!
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