Franklinia Alatamaha

Did You Know?

Franklinia Alatamaha … a tree native to Georgia …

Botanists and explorers William and John Bartram, while exploring in Georgia in 1765, found several unusual trees along the banks of the Alatamaha River. Intrigued by this odd and unknown specimen, and after several trips to the South, William collected seeds for his own gardens and furthered his study of this plant. After years of studying, William named this new tree Franklinia after his fathers good friend, Benjamin Franklin. Oddly, this plant has never been seen again in the wild since 1790, and supposedly all of the plants today are derived from Bartram’s original seed collection at Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia. The cause of its extinction is still unknown, but many believe it is to be from flooding, fire, fungal disease or the over collecting by plant collectors.

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