Saddleback Caterpillar Herbeins Garden Center

Saddleback Caterpillar

Scotts Grass Seed Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus PA

2018 Scotts Rebates

Succulent Paddle Plant-Desert Rose

Growing Succulents

Ads for week of 11/15-11/21/2017

Carrot Cake Jam Recipe Ball Preserves Jars Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Carrot Cake Jam…yes please!

Peach Rum Sauce-Ball Recipe Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Peach Rum Sauce Recipe…YUM!

Pumpkin Patch Rose

Yellow rose bush plant Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Summer Rose Care

Summer Care of Roses from Back to Gardening Tips Your roses have been planted, nurtured and have exploded into full bloom. Now what? Most reference books cover planting, pruning, and even pest control, quite thoroughly. These are certainly the most frequently asked questions about rose care. But what about midsummer maintenance? It’s a topic commonly […]

Bonsai Statuary Tropical Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Bonsai Plants

Blossom End Rot Tomatoes Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Tomato Plant Care

Coleus Nonflowering Plant Colorful Foliage Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Coleus…you with the colorful foliage

Coleus – Adding Color to Your Garden May 16, 2017 Container Gardening, Flower Gardening, Garden Planning & Design, Plants for Shade Grown for its foliage, Coleus is one of the easiest and most diverse foliage in and out of the garden.  Coleus can be used in garden beds, containers, and patio pots and then brought […]

dandelion weeds weedkiller Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus PA

Lawn Weeds & Weed Allergy Seasons

  Lawn Weeds Could Affect Your Family’s Health You already know that lawn weeds are ugly, nasty, and thoroughly unpleasant. But did you know they could also make you feel lousy? Some of the offenders include dandelions, ragweed, lambsquarters, plantain, and pigweed. How to Keep Problem Weeds from Taking Over While you can’t control all […]

Ladies night event Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus PA

2017 Annual Ladies Night

Espoma seeding Herbeins Garden Center Emmaus Pa

Successful Seeding!

Seed to Succeed! Seed Starting Secrets — Espoma (@espoma) January 17, 2017   Herbein’s carries a large variety of seed, Espoma organic soils, and essentials for potting and heating your indoor starters!

Honeycomb butterfly bush Herbeins Garden Lehigh Valley Pa

Final Year End Sale on Shrubs!

Fall Clearance Sale Herbeins Lehigh Valley

40% Off Fall Clearance

Raking fall leaves

Fall Clean-up

Herbein's Fall Nursery Sale


English Ivy Herbein's Garden Emmaus Pa



Flash Sale fruit Herbeins Garden Emmaus Pa

Flash Sale!

Fall Newsletter 2016 2-001 Herbein's Garden Emmaus Pa

2016 Fall Newsletter


Enjoy this sale so you can enjoy your tropicals indoors all year round!

Herbeins Garden Club

We are thinking of starting a garden club this season at Herbeins. This would be open to the public to join and share in our gardening experiences. We can discuss a variety of topics and trends of our choice to help develop ourselves into more well-rounded gardeners. If you would be interested, then contact me […]

Spring 2015

Herbeins Spring Newsletter 2015